Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children - This Movie Burton Rocks! Which Is A Good Thing

Posted: September 30 15:58

Burton goes to Blackpool - takes the kids Read and comment...


Deepwater Horizon - This Movie Explodes. And Rocks

Posted: September 30 15:58

Nautical disaster meets large Berg Read and comment...


Swiss Army Man - This Dead Man Farting Movie Rocks

Posted: September 30 15:57

The boy who didn't live Read and comment...


Never Go Back? And Then He Went Back??

Posted: September 29 20:59

Can Tom sustain another franchise? Read and comment...


First Will Come The TV Spots; Then Will Be The Posters...

Posted: September 29 20:42

Doc Strange gets a bunch o' twisty turny poster things Read and comment...


Beatty Offers Up Another Look At His Hughes. Plus Some Young 'Uns

Posted: September 29 15:59

He got there in the end... Read and comment...


Tubby Little Cubby All Stuffed With Fluff - The Movie!

Posted: September 29 15:29
First look at Milne and the missus Read and comment...

From King Of The Swingers To King, Plain And Simple

Posted: September 28 18:44
Favs to read us different Jungle Book Read and comment...

Fantastic Beasts - Doin' It For The Fans

Posted: September 28 18:44
What are you doing October 13th? Read and comment...

Noomi Does A Horror

Posted: September 28 18:41
The Girl With The Ruptured Tattoo? Read and comment...

Suits You Sir! UPDATED - With Some More Pics For Those Who Can't Get Themselves Enough Keanu!

Posted: September 28 18:07
Keanu tools up Read and comment...

We Thought This Was Lost In The Desierto

Posted: September 28 18:03
Curaon's Jr's debut finally heading to screens Read and comment...

LFF Preview - Blue Velvet Revisited

Posted: September 28 17:47
It started with an ear... Read and comment...

LFF Preview - The Ghoul

Posted: September 28 17:47
Call it The Wheatley Effect Read and comment...

After All That Horseplay, Denzel Gets Serious

Posted: September 27 19:35
Can Pulitzer translate into Oscar? Read and comment...

LFF Preview - Zoology

Posted: September 27 19:34
Now here's a tail... Read and comment...

Doc Spotted Four More Times On TV

Posted: September 26 13:21
Stranger and Stranger... Read and comment...

Hacksaw Ridge - This Movie Rocks, Explodes, All Kinds Of Shit. And How!

Posted: September 25 19:43
Mel Gibson - back from the sugar tits abyss Read and comment...

The Girl With All The Gifts - This Hungries Movie Rocks The Zombies Genre

Posted: September 25 19:07
A metaphor for what happens post-Brexit?? Read and comment...

The Magnificent Seven - This Movie Rocks Solidly, If Not Magnificently

Posted: September 23 21:11
So far, so good Read and comment...

Hunt For The Wilderpeople - This Movie Charm Rocks

Posted: September 20 21:04
Today - the Wilderpeople. Tomorrow - Fraggle Rock Read and comment...

Bridget Jones's Baby - This Movie Scrapes A Rocks

Posted: September 19 21:34
Who's the daddy? Read and comment...

War On Everyone - This Movie Almost Rocks, Doesn't Quite Get There

Posted: September 17 20:42
Funny in Iceland, though Read and comment...

The Beatles Eight Days A Week The Touring Years- This Movie Defines Rocks

Posted: September 15 16:48
No sleep till Shea Read and comment...

Blair Witch - This Unexpected Sequel Knows Not How To Rock

Posted: September 15 15:26
That's me in the corner... Read and comment...

Captain Fantastic - This Movie Alt Rocks (With Flaws)

Posted: September 13 21:01
A film that asks, more than most, do children need boundaries? Read and comment...

Hell Or High Water - This Post-Financial Crisis Neo-Western Really, Really Rocks

Posted: September 13 15:30
Pine pines, Bridges curmudgeons Read and comment...

Don't Breathe - This Movie Rocks The Dark

Posted: September 13 12:50
Horror - stripped back and bloody mean with it Read and comment...

Anthropoid - This Movie Rocks The Resistance

Posted: September 09 15:11
They shoot Nazis, don't they? Read and comment...

Kubo And The Two Strings - This Laika Rocks

Posted: September 08 15:40
Stop motion makers just upped everyone's game Read and comment...

Cafe Society - This Woody Really Rocks - Once More

Posted: September 06 07:41
47 - not out Read and comment...

Morgan - This Frankenstein/AI/Ex Machina Movie Half-Rocks

Posted: September 05 21:56
An almost suitable case for treatment Read and comment...

Brotherhood - This Movie Don't Rock This 'Hood

Posted: September 04 15:10
It's the end of the 'Hood as we know it Read and comment...

Sausage Party - This Movie Rocks, But Could Rock Better

Posted: September 04 15:09
Fritz The Sausage?? Read and comment...