Twas The Night Before Oscar Part 2 - Spirits Announce

Posted: February 26 17:10

Moonlight gets its final moment in spotlight? Read and comment...


'Twas The Night Before Oscar Part 1 - Razzies Announce

Posted: February 26 17:09

It's Bats V Supes V Hillary Read and comment...


Patriots Day - This Boston Movie Rocks With Flaws

Posted: February 26 17:04

A bad day for Boston - in detail Read and comment...


LastWord Calls The Oscars 2017 - Oi, Kimmel, We Got This!!

Posted: February 26 11:30

Just how ga ga for La La will they go - place your bets now! Read and comment...


You'll Believe A Dom Can Dad Dance

Posted: February 26 10:56

Fate 8 offers more car-nage Read and comment...


Go Go - Gone Soon?

Posted: February 26 10:51

All this and Bryan Cranston! Read and comment...


Best - This Footballer Rocked

Posted: February 26 10:41
The movie formerly known as George Best - All By Himself Read and comment...

From Apes To Bats UPDATE - He's Out! Another DC Clusterfuck. UPDATED UPDATE - He's In Again!

Posted: February 25 16:50
Is Affleck's cape out of the fire? Read and comment...

Alien Has Its Last Supper. And Eats It Too

Posted: February 23 09:25
Sir Ridders gives us some lengthy prologue - and a gag Read and comment...

Netflix Are Getting Into The Marty Business

Posted: February 22 15:51
Scorsese and De Niro together again and in your home Read and comment...

Upcoming Sc Fi Casts - Say Cheese!

Posted: February 21 21:47
Solo Solo, latest Alien and return of Predator all take a family photo Read and comment...

Belle Sings Belle

Posted: February 21 08:03
Small provincial town looking good Read and comment...

Is That A Monkey? Sorry, Different King...

Posted: February 20 22:04
Arthur, Lady in Lake, sword, stone - all present and correct Read and comment...

The Great Wall - This Good Will Monster Hunting Movie Just About Rocks In Places

Posted: February 20 22:02
Here be monsters. And nonsense. Read and comment...

Broderick Out. Glover In

Posted: February 20 21:26
Darth Vader's coming back though Read and comment...

Kong Drops New Stuff

Posted: February 20 08:44
Still good to be the King Read and comment...

John Wick Chapter 2 - This Movie Like Totally Rocks, Ted

Posted: February 17 14:46
Dance Movie Of The Year!! Read and comment...

Hidden Figures - This Movie Space Rocks

Posted: February 16 08:44
Costner - Fuck Yeah! Now, more than ever... Read and comment...

Moonlight - This Movie Rocks The Sunshine, The Moonlight AND The Boogie

Posted: February 16 08:43
A life in three acts Read and comment...

The Founder - This Movie "You Want Fries With That?" Rocks

Posted: February 16 08:24
Keaton appropriates the Golden Arches Read and comment...

Fifty Shades Darker - This Movie Fails To Get Its Rocks Off (Or Anyone Else's)

Posted: February 15 21:44
Fifty Shades Shitter Read and comment...

20th Century Women - This Coming Of Age For All Concerned Movie Rocks

Posted: February 10 12:47
Mike Mills - from gay dads to liberating mums Read and comment...

Fences - This Movie Theatrically Rocks

Posted: February 10 09:14
Denzel - Oscar bound but not so BAFTA Read and comment...

The Lego Batman Movie - This Bat Rocks

Posted: February 10 08:35
DC's Finest? Read and comment...

Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk - This Ang Lee Movie Rocks - For The Most Part

Posted: February 10 08:32
No tech, just good old fashioned storytelling Read and comment...

Rings - This Horror Movie Does Not Rock. Go Bang. Jump. Go Bump In The NIght - Nuthin'

Posted: February 06 21:41
Video killed the horror movie star Read and comment...

Loving - This Movie Rocks The Old South

Posted: February 01 16:49
Jeff Nichols - call it a streak Read and comment...

Gold - This Movie Does Not Rock

Posted: January 31 21:36
The McConaissance stalls Read and comment...