Miss Peregrine Has Some New Peculiar Offerings

Posted: August 30 09:45

Two TV spots and a BTS to be precise Read and comment...


Sausage Party - This Movie Rocks, But Could Rock Better

Posted: August 29 23:00

Fritz The Sausage?? Read and comment...


War Dogs - These Dogs Rock - If A Tad Muzzled

Posted: August 29 22:51

Got Chinese ammo if you need it... Read and comment...


Mechanic Resurrection - This Movie Doesn't Quite Stath Rock

Posted: August 29 22:40

Man keeps trying, films keep not quite getting there... Read and comment...


What Thor Did On HIs Holidays

Posted: August 29 14:16

Bruce Banner and his cut-offs Read and comment...


The Purge Election Year - This Movie Trump Rocks

Posted: August 29 14:00

Try and tell yourself it couldn't happen here... Read and comment...


"If I Can Get You Licking And Loving, I Have My Purpose"

Posted: August 27 15:04
Now, now - mind out of the gutter - it's a family film! Read and comment...

Portman And Depp - Raising Spirits In 1930s Paris

Posted: August 27 15:03
French-Belgium film drops French-English trailer Read and comment...

New Death Wish - More Bullet-Heads Than Bullets

Posted: August 27 13:54
Baldies sign on for Bronson re-do Read and comment...

Song Of The Week - James Corden & Coldplay - Nothing Compares 2 U

Posted: August 27 13:54 a bird without a song...RIP Prince. Again Read and comment...

The Prince And The Not-Just-For-Show Girl

Posted: August 27 13:10
First look at Assante's LFF opener Read and comment...

Lion Trailer Roars Up

Posted: August 27 13:06
Harvey has Dev and Oscar both in his sights Read and comment...

Liman Leaves - Goes Dark

Posted: August 24 20:31
What? They're still making DC movies? Read and comment...

Manchester - No, Not That One

Posted: August 24 20:12
Lonergan starts his gold run Read and comment...

Bored Of The Rings?

Posted: August 24 20:00
Or have they got one more sequel in 'em? Read and comment...

Life On The Road - This Movie Wants To Rock. It Does

Posted: August 22 21:40
Bringing Brent All Back Home Read and comment...

Swiss Army Man - This Dead Man Farting Movie Rocks

Posted: August 22 20:44
The boy who didn't live Read and comment...

Lights Out - This Movie Jumps A Bit, Doesn't Rock Much

Posted: August 20 11:37
DO be afraid of the dark Read and comment...

The Shallows -This Stuck On A Rock Movie Rocks

Posted: August 17 15:10
Gonna Need A Bigger Bikini Read and comment...

Pete's Dragon -This Movie Sweetly Rocks

Posted: August 17 14:29
If you go down to the woods today... Read and comment...

Nerve - This Movie Just About Rocks The Post-Pokemon Go World

Posted: August 11 20:07
Won't shred 'em, won't get on 'em Read and comment...

Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates - This Movie Doesn't Rock So Much You Wouldn't Believe

Posted: August 10 22:47
Wedding - Crashed. Totalled. Kicked in the face till it bleeds... Read and comment...

Wiener-Dog - This Movie Walks The Dog, Rarely Rocks It

Posted: August 10 15:28
Dog's dinner Read and comment...

Suicide Squad -This DC Cinematic Universe Movie Does Not Rock Like It Really Needed To

Posted: August 09 20:32
Still can't pull a Marvel out of the bag Read and comment...