Once Upon A Time...In Hollywood - This 9th Movie Rocks

Posted: August 16 13:19

Charles Manson? Never stood a chance in QT's world Read and comment...


Parasite...No, Not That Way!

Posted: August 15 08:27

From Palme D'Or to here Read and comment...


Last Christmas, He Gave Us His Heart. And The Very Next Day...Well, You Know

Posted: August 14 15:40

By George! (Via Emma) Read and comment...


Pillows At The Ready - Malick's Back

Posted: August 14 15:17

Apparently, this one has an actual story... Read and comment...


Little More To Say

Posted: August 14 11:04

Gerwig enters the conversation - again Read and comment...


None More Blaxploitation

Posted: August 14 10:29

Dolamite is Eddie's name Read and comment...


Blinded By The Light - This Boss Movie Rocks (Of Course It Does!)

Posted: August 09 16:34
In Bruce We Trust Read and comment...

Fast and Furious Hobbs & Shaw - This Crazy Batshit Movie Rocks

Posted: August 04 15:24
Take one Rock. Add one Stath. Season with a Black Superman - go mental! Read and comment...

Animals - This Bittersweet Movie Rocks

Posted: August 03 11:19
Fear & Self Loathing in Dublin Read and comment...