Last Word Calls The Oscars 2019

Posted: February 20 19:08

You'll be amazed how many Black Panther wins! Read and comment...


It's Good To Be The King

Posted: February 20 11:05

Still no sign of Godzooky... Read and comment...


Bo Rap - You've Got Company!

Posted: February 20 11:00

Taron Egerton - not a big dancer Read and comment...


Writers Big On Forgiveness

Posted: February 18 12:58

Sound folk like Bo Rap Read and comment...


A Private War - This Movie War Rocks

Posted: February 15 18:16

Don't tell em, Pike Read and comment...


It's Alright Ma, They'll Soon Be Bleeding

Posted: February 15 15:32

Ma's place looks like a lot of fun Read and comment...


Batfleck Is Dead - Official!

Posted: February 15 12:03
But we all knew that! Read and comment...

Dirty Rotten Remakes!

Posted: February 15 11:55
Hathaway & Wilson in for Martin & Caine in for Niven & Brando Read and comment...

Ben Is Back - This Movie Just About Rocks

Posted: February 13 08:49
Roberts and Hedges struggle with aplomb Read and comment...

The Lego Movie 2 - This Movie Doesn't Quite Rock The Awesome. But...

Posted: February 10 19:36
Where No Brick Has Gone Before? Or have they?? Read and comment...

Alita Battle Angel - Like A Damaged Cyborg, This Movie Half-Rocks

Posted: February 07 20:35
Cameron & Rodriguez - not exactly reinventing the science fiction blockbuster Read and comment...

All Is True- This Movie Shakey Rocks

Posted: February 07 19:49
Branagh & Elton - no Upstarts in sight Read and comment...

Boy Erased - This Conversion Therapy Movie Rocks

Posted: February 07 19:40
The second pray-the-gay-away movie of the year. But is it the best? Read and comment...

Can You Ever Forgive Me? - This Richard E Grant Movie Rocks

Posted: January 30 11:26
Melissa McCarthy - we do forgive you. For every film you've made in the last few years... Read and comment...

Green Book - This Potential Oscar Winning Movie Rocks

Posted: January 30 11:25
Peter Farrelly - who knew? Read and comment...

The Mule - This Old Man And The Coke Movie Quietly Rocks

Posted: January 29 12:59
In which Clint embraces his inner geezer Read and comment...