Solo A Star Wars Story - This Underwhelmingly Anticipated Beleagured Movie Still Rocks

Posted: May 25 07:39

Cast those thoughts of young Jack Black/fat Harry Styles aside Read and comment...


Fett Happens!

Posted: May 25 07:39

Logan's Mangold to hunt bounty Read and comment...


Josh's Brolin's THIRD Movie Of The Summer

Posted: May 25 07:30

From Thanos to Cable to...Matt? Read and comment...


We Got To Get Out Of This Place

Posted: May 24 07:54

Hunnam and Malek want off of Devil's Island Read and comment...


Dwayne Meets Crane

Posted: May 24 07:41

Rock's new trailer requires leap of faith Read and comment...


Mowgli Goes Moody

Posted: May 22 07:35

Andy Serkis opens up HIS Jungle Book Read and comment...


Biggie! Tupac! Depp?

Posted: May 22 07:18
Johnny investigates rap hits Read and comment...

MI6 International Trailer For This Most International Of Summer Spy Movies

Posted: May 21 18:26
Tom runs, dangles, jumps - and damn, but we're excited! Read and comment...

When He's Not Being Bernstein - Jake Finally Joins The Spidey-verse

Posted: May 21 15:19
In talks for Mysterio in sequel Read and comment...

All Rob Reiner's Men

Posted: May 21 14:59
Something is whiffy in Washington Read and comment...

Hangman - This Movie Does Not Rock

Posted: May 20 15:52
One day, all childhood games will become second rate film... Read and comment...

On Chesil Beach - This Sexually Frustrated Movie Gets Its Rocks Off

Posted: May 17 15:25
Worst. Wedding Night. EVER!! Read and comment...

Filmworker - This Kubrick-centric Movie Rocks

Posted: May 17 15:12
We remember him from Please, Sir! Read and comment...

Deadpool 2 - This Merc-Mouthed Movie Pretty Much Rocks

Posted: May 15 21:14
Hey lightning? Any chance of striking twice? Read and comment...

Life Of The Party - This Movie Does Not Rock. Big Time. Huge. Enormous

Posted: May 14 20:05
Rodney Dangerfield she ain't! Read and comment...

Lean On Pete - This Horse-centric Movie Gently Rocks

Posted: May 03 15:18
A boy and his horse - and a whole lot more Read and comment...