Gilliam Bringing Quixote To Cannes FINALLY!!

Posted: April 19 15:33

And Von Trier is welcome again as well Read and comment...


Be Honest - Were You Waiting For This Sequel?

Posted: April 19 15:32

No, really - be honest! Read and comment...


Forming A Super Duper Fucking Group

Posted: April 19 15:09

Pump the hate brakes, Thanos Read and comment...


The Park Is Gone - But The Most Dangerous Creature That Ever Walked The Earth Is Coming

Posted: April 18 16:46

Just when you thought it was safe to get back on the surfboard... Read and comment...


Has Spielberg Found HIs Superhero?

Posted: April 18 11:48

Possibly - but it's a DC Read and comment...


There Was An Idea - To Bring Together A Group Of Remarkable People

Posted: April 18 07:16

10 years - and it's all been leading to this Read and comment...


Good Year For The Horrors

Posted: April 17 19:31
Hereditary - it's in the genes Read and comment...

Like John Wick Had A Hospital...

Posted: April 17 09:48
Don't worry, Jodie Foster will nurse you through it all Read and comment...

If The Avengers AND Han Solo Are Doing It...Why Can't Deadpool Join In?

Posted: April 17 07:09
New spot for Merc With Mouth Read and comment...

Dormer Plays A Blinder!

Posted: April 16 09:58
From Westeros to West London Read and comment...

If The Avengers Are Doing It...Solo Gets New TV Spot

Posted: April 16 07:43
Got a good feeling about this yet? Read and comment...

Infinity War - Anyone Would Think They Had An Advertising Budget Or Something

Posted: April 15 18:00
The Avengers - the superheroes that just keep on giving Read and comment...

Some Of Shelley's Blues

Posted: April 15 12:07
Her pre-Modern Prometheus days Read and comment...

After 14 Years - What's Another Couple Of Months?

Posted: April 15 11:50
Incredibles 2 - more goodness Read and comment...

The Gender May Have Changed - But The Style Remains The Same

Posted: April 15 11:43
Bullock and co - out to out Clooney Clooney Read and comment...

Rampage - This Movie Rocks The Perfunctory - Just

Posted: April 12 15:23
Between the Rock and an ape face Read and comment...

Love, Simon - This Movie Sweetly Rocks

Posted: April 11 13:27
It's so gay! Read and comment...

Death Wish - This Movie Disappointingly Does Not Rock

Posted: April 10 13:12
Willis - Don't call it a comeback (because it's not) Read and comment...

Ghost Stories - This British Throwback Horror Movie Rocks

Posted: April 06 20:52
Tim from The Office (UK) does a horror Read and comment...

A Quiet Place - This Lean, Mean Horror Movie Rocks

Posted: April 06 20:10
Jim from The Office (US) does a horror Read and comment...

Thoroughbreds - This Year's Model Of The Modern Female Psychotic Movie Rocks

Posted: April 06 20:06
No horsing around Read and comment...

Isle Of Dogs - This Beautiful Movie Really Rocks

Posted: March 31 16:07
Hands up - who wants to live in WesWorld? Read and comment...

Journeyman - This Movie Rocks Punchy

Posted: March 31 15:52
Paddy Considine punches middle weight for sophomore feature Read and comment...

Ready Player One - This Geek-gasm Movie Scrapes The Rocks

Posted: March 29 11:47
When retro goes bang! Splat! Read and comment...

A Wrinkle In Time - This Heavily-Agenda'd Movie Does Not Rock

Posted: March 26 21:01
Storm storms it. Pine is fine.Oprah is, well, really BIG!! The rest..? Well... Read and comment...

Pacific Rim Uprising - This Robo-Monster Movie Sequel Rocks For Fun

Posted: March 25 17:08
Boyega - now as big as a Jaeger Read and comment...

Unsane - This Grammatically Incorrect Movie Rocks

Posted: March 25 17:06
Another day in the Soderbergh post-retirement plan Read and comment...