SAG Enters The Conversation

Posted: December 12 18:00

Actors picking actors? Where will it all end?? Read and comment...


We Love The Sound Of Broken Glass

Posted: December 12 17:46

The anticipation is palpable... Read and comment...


All Is True- This Movie Shakey Rocks

Posted: December 12 01:33

Branagh & Elton - no Upstarts in sight Read and comment...


Welcome To Marwen - This Movie Struggles With Its Rocks - And Its Shoes

Posted: December 12 00:57

Carell and co in The Valley Of The Dolls Read and comment...


Vice - This Cheney-Tastic Movie Rocks

Posted: December 11 18:10

Do not go hunting with this man! Read and comment...


Spider-Man Into The Spider Verse - This Movie Rocks In An Overwrought Way

Posted: December 11 17:43

Spidey gets animated. VERY animated Read and comment...


Clash Of The Titans

Posted: December 11 14:36
Still no sign of Godzooky... Read and comment...

The Favourite Is The Favourite With The Critics' Choice

Posted: December 11 14:36
But there's a Black Panther nipping at Queen Anne's heels Read and comment...

Roma Rules LA

Posted: December 11 14:13
And Spidey is busy beating The Incredibles Read and comment...

Avengers Re-Assemble - Finally!!

Posted: December 07 15:26
And the name of the game is "Endgame" - Finally!! Read and comment...

Hart To Host UPDATED - Oh No He Isn't!

Posted: December 07 11:00
Oscars reveals its - hoped for - secret weapon for 2019 Read and comment...

The Globes Announce

Posted: December 06 16:02
Vice is the new front runner; The Favourite is still a favourite Read and comment...

The Old Man And The Gun - This Movie Redford Rocks

Posted: December 06 11:08
Last time around for Redford..? Read and comment...

Sorry To Bother You - This Movie Doesn't Rock As Much As It Should

Posted: December 06 11:03
We've seen the future - and it's horse-people Read and comment...

Roma - This Deeply Personal Movie Rocks

Posted: December 01 18:49
Cuaron finds gravity in his childhood Read and comment...

Creed II - This Rocky 8 Of A Movie Rocks

Posted: December 01 14:05
A bit like Rocky II. A lot like Rocky IV Read and comment...

Mary, Queen Of Scots - This Tale Of Two Queens Movie Does Not Rock

Posted: November 29 21:52
Two great Queens - Shame about their movie Read and comment...

The Girl In The Spider's Web - This Dragon Tattoo Movie Pretty Much Rocks

Posted: November 29 20:59
Definitely not one of The Seven Little Foys Read and comment...

Disobedience - These Actresses Rock, This Movie Less So

Posted: November 29 11:34
The love that dare not speak its name in the orthodox Jewish community of North London - speaks up! Read and comment...

Assassination Nation - This Wild Genre- Twisting Movie Rocks

Posted: November 21 16:46
Same old Salem - whole new kind of witch Read and comment...

Fantastic Beasts The Crimes Of Grindelwald - This Movie Has Bits That Rock, Bits That Don't

Posted: November 20 19:49
Basil Exposition - welcome to the Potterverse Read and comment...

The Ballad Of Buster Scruggs - This Movie Rocks In Some Places

Posted: November 15 14:32
Coens head west. Again. Read and comment...

Suspiria - This Movie Does Not Rock

Posted: November 15 14:12
That Dario Argento remake - not that Phil Collins song Read and comment...