Where No Brick Has Gone Before

Posted: November 21 08:58

It's Pratt On Pratt Read and comment...


Fantastic Beasts The Crimes Of Grindelwald - This Movie Has Bits That Rock, Bits That Don't

Posted: November 20 19:49

Basil Exposition - welcome to the Potterverse Read and comment...


Aquaman - The Training Montage

Posted: November 20 11:18

Mama said knock them fish out Read and comment...


Secret Life Of Pets 2 Gets Cat-Friendly

Posted: November 20 11:08

Time to meet Chloe Read and comment...


Deadpool Goes Child-Friendly But Gets Savage

Posted: November 20 10:59

Deadpool 2 - you know, for kids Read and comment...


Glass Looking Fuller And Fuller

Posted: November 16 12:23

A different kind of superhero movie Read and comment...


When Dumbo Flies - We Are All Going To Lose Our Collective Shit!

Posted: November 16 08:45
I've seen a house fly...I've seen a dragon fly...but... Read and comment...

The Ballad Of Buster Scruggs - This Movie Rocks In Some Places

Posted: November 15 14:32
Coens head west. Again. Read and comment...

Suspiria - This Movie Does Not Rock

Posted: November 15 14:12
That Dario Argento remake - not that Phil Collins song Read and comment...

The Old Man And The Gun - This Movie Redford Rocks

Posted: November 08 21:32
Last time around for Redford..? Read and comment...

Won't You Be My Neighbor? - This Movie Rocks

Posted: November 08 13:43
And Fred Mcfeely Rogers knew how to talk to a train Read and comment...

Widows - This Heist Gone Wrong Movie Doesn't Rock Enough

Posted: November 07 21:02
'80s TV potboiler aims for contemporary gravitas - doesn't quite find it Read and comment...

Wildlife - This Movie Very Quietly Rocks

Posted: November 07 21:00
Dano directs Mulligan and Gyllenhaal back to the '60s Read and comment...

After The Screaming Stops - This Tap-like Bros Reunion Movie Rocks More Than You'd Think

Posted: November 07 20:57
When will they, will they be famous...again Read and comment...

Overlord - This JJ Movie Doesn't Rock

Posted: November 07 16:08
War Is Hell - Nazi zombie hell, to be precise Read and comment...

The Other Side Of The Wind - This Final Movie Does Not Rock

Posted: November 04 13:20
Nice title. Shame about the film Read and comment...

Boy Erased - This Conversion Therapy Movie Rocks

Posted: November 01 12:59
The second pray-the-gay-away movie of the year. But is it the best? Read and comment...

Peterloo - This Emotive But Polemical Movie Pretty Much Rocks

Posted: November 01 10:43
Mike Leigh - finally facing his Peterloo Read and comment...

The Guilty - This Movie Rocks

Posted: November 01 10:42
A little bit of Nordic Noir hits the spot Read and comment...

Bohemian Rhapsody - This Movie Will, This Movie Will Rock You (You Understand We Had To Go There, Right?)

Posted: October 25 13:22
Could've been a Cliff Richard film Read and comment...

The Hate U Give - This Movie Rocks

Posted: October 24 15:03
Stenberg's Starr's gonna make her a star Read and comment...

An Evening With Beverly Luff Linn - This Movie Doesn't Rock - Like, A Lot

Posted: October 24 15:02
We don't often say this - but just stay home. Save your evening. Really. We mean it. Read and comment...