Zombieland Double Tap - This Movie Does Not Rock

Posted: October 18 19:09

Bill Murray lives!!! Read and comment...


My Name Is Sarah Connor - I Hunt Terminators

Posted: October 18 15:14

Damn, but's it's looking good Read and comment...


Riddle Me This - Hill Out, Dano In

Posted: October 18 11:32

The Batman gets another nemesis Read and comment...


Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Go Back To The Carrot Patch

Posted: October 18 11:31

Peter Rabbit - the bastardisation continues. Yes, Mr Corden, we're looking at you Read and comment...


Baumbach's Oh So Sad Marriage Gets A New Look

Posted: October 18 10:52

There will be noms! Read and comment...


Official Secrets - This Movie Secretly Rocks

Posted: October 18 07:23

Keira blasts Blair and leaks Read and comment...


Looks Like The Women Are Now The Loudest Voice In The Room

Posted: October 18 07:21
Fox News - believed to be popular in a certain White House Read and comment...

Dogs Be Streaming!

Posted: October 17 15:14
Still got the meatballs though Read and comment...

Driver On A Post 9/11 Tip (Off)

Posted: October 17 15:00
Bening gives directions from the back seat Read and comment...

They Wouldn't Let It Go

Posted: October 17 14:54
More Olaf, more ice Read and comment...

Downey Does Little In New Trailer

Posted: October 17 14:48
Life after Iron Man Read and comment...

LFF 2019 Preview - The Irishman

Posted: October 13 16:32
Closing out the LFF in exemplary style Read and comment...

Gemini Man - This Smith V Smith Movie Does Not Rock

Posted: October 11 17:14
No, not that old TV show with Ben Murphy and his weird digital watch! Read and comment...

Judy - This Zellweger Absolutely Rocks

Posted: October 08 16:01
Judge Judy - and hand Renee all the awards in town Read and comment...

Joker - This Movie Unnervingly Rocks

Posted: October 05 15:12
Quietly reinventing the comic book movie Read and comment...

Rambo Last Blood - This Fifth Time Around Movie Rocks Some Moments

Posted: September 23 11:11
Does last really mean last? John Rambo has said that before... Read and comment...