Driver Takes Post 9/11 Driving Seat

Posted: August 23 14:57

Bening gives directions from the back seat Read and comment...


Norton Goes For His Tourette's-Based Oscar Run

Posted: August 23 14:40

Brooklyn - lacking a mother, apparently Read and comment...


Because We'll Go See Rose Byrne In ANYTHING...

Posted: August 23 14:16

Things that make you go Her Read and comment...


Angel Has Fallen - This Been Here Before Movie Doesn't Rock

Posted: August 23 08:12

Let's play a game of fuck off. THIS should go first! Read and comment...


Bombshell Drops A...Well, Bomshell

Posted: August 21 17:41

Fox News - someone's favourite channel gets pasted Read and comment...


Ad Astra Goes Big, Might Even Go Home

Posted: August 21 17:27

It's an IMAX thing Read and comment...


Gotta Grab The Monster By The Horns

Posted: August 21 17:19
Del Toro - bringing the creepy once more Read and comment...

Baumbach's Marriage Story - It's A He Said, She Said Kinda Thing

Posted: August 21 17:15
And whatever happened to that Eleanor Rigby film(s)? Read and comment...

Neo To Be The One Again

Posted: August 21 14:10
Keanu, Moss and one Wachowski on board Read and comment...

Spidey Out Of The MCU

Posted: August 21 14:03
Sony blows it again! Read and comment...

Does Last Blood Really Mean Last?

Posted: August 21 13:48
We've heard that from John Rambo before Read and comment...

And The Title Of Bond 25 Is...A Tad Underwhelming, Really

Posted: August 21 11:22
About time for No Time Read and comment...

Once Upon A Time...In Hollywood - This 9th Movie Rocks

Posted: August 16 13:19
Charles Manson? Never stood a chance in QT's world Read and comment...

Blinded By The Light - This Boss Movie Rocks (Of Course It Does!)

Posted: August 09 16:34
In Bruce We Trust Read and comment...

Fast and Furious Hobbs & Shaw - This Crazy Batshit Movie Rocks

Posted: August 04 15:24
Take one Rock. Add one Stath. Season with a Black Superman - go mental! Read and comment...

Animals - This Bittersweet Movie Rocks

Posted: August 03 11:19
Fear & Self Loathing in Dublin Read and comment...