Idris Makes A Movie. Movie Makes A Trailer

Posted: February 23 14:11

First look at his directing debut as it debuts Read and comment...


Lady Bird On Bad Honeymoon

Posted: February 23 09:55

Worst. Wedding Night. EVER!! Read and comment...


I, Tonya -This Movie Rocks Its Lutzes Axels Pirouettes & Twirls

Posted: February 22 16:36

When figure skating turns ugly... Read and comment...


Dark River - This Movie Does Not Rock

Posted: February 22 16:31

Time to watch the wheat grow... Read and comment...


Whitaker & Bana In Powerful Tutu-hander

Posted: February 22 08:46

New look at Joffe's The Forgiven Read and comment...


Bond & Jinx - Reunited At Last (Sort Of)

Posted: February 21 14:27

Craig and Berry - together and causing a riot Read and comment...


Chastain is It!

Posted: February 21 12:06
They have to call it You'll Float 2!! Read and comment...

From Hard Stares To Growing Noses

Posted: February 21 11:36
Paddington's King on for Disney's Pinocchio Read and comment...

Between A Rock And A Hard Monkey UPDATED Dwayne Goes International

Posted: February 20 11:38
When he's not jumping out of Skyscrapers... Read and comment...

BAFTA Watch - LastWord Live Blogs The BAFTAs 2018

Posted: February 19 08:28
Were we wrong to predict the great Dunkirk comeback? (Yes/No - delete as appropriate) Read and comment...

Roger Deakins Is The Winner!

Posted: February 18 12:19
At the ASC - now left BAFTA and Oscar fall Read and comment...

Lady Bird - This Absolutely Wonderful Movie Really Rocks

Posted: February 15 19:33
We like it. Can you tell? Read and comment...

The Shape Of Water - This Romantic Guillermo Fantasy Movie Rocks

Posted: February 15 19:22
But does GDT's Gill-man fully Shape up? Read and comment...

Black Panther - This Marvel Movie Rocks

Posted: February 15 19:14
All the world is waiting for you, and the wonders that you do Read and comment...

Fifty Shades Freed - This Third Mommy Porn Movie Really Does Not Rock

Posted: February 10 15:59
No Grey areas here. No Grey matter either Read and comment...

The Mercy - This Boat Movie Pretty Much Rocks

Posted: February 10 15:28
Firth sails the world, Weisz makes some tea Read and comment...

The Cloverfield Paradox - This Surprise Netflix/Abrams Movie Does Not Rock

Posted: February 06 12:21
Cool arrival - very bumpy landing Read and comment...

Winchester - Helen's Haunted House of A Movie Does Not Rock

Posted: February 04 20:20
Guns go BANG! Ghosts go BOO! Read and comment...

Phantom Thread - This Career Ending Movie Rocks

Posted: February 01 14:08
Last hurrah for Day-Lewis - has he another Oscar win up his well coutured sleeve? Read and comment...

Roman J Israel Esq - This Film Of Two Halves Does Not Rock

Posted: February 01 14:03
Even Washington in an Afro can't redeem this lawyer Read and comment...

Journey's End - This Movie Solemnly Rocks

Posted: February 01 14:03
Going over the top in an understated way Read and comment...

Early Man - This Stone Age Movie Sadly Doesn't Quite Rock

Posted: January 30 18:26
Nick Park - but not at his finest Read and comment...

Maze Runner The Death Cure - This Movie Fails To Rock

Posted: January 30 14:24
Is this the end of dystopian YA SF? Read and comment...