Terry Jones - 1942 - 2020

Posted: January 23 12:55

'"Two down, four to go" - J. Cleese, January 2020 Read and comment...


The Personal History Of David Copperfield - This Iannucci Meets Dickens Movie Rocks

Posted: January 23 12:37

Charles & Armando - together at last and bringing the joy Read and comment...


Waves - This Movie Quietly Rocks

Posted: January 21 17:32

A tale of two siblings Read and comment...


QT Does TV

Posted: January 19 09:54

We're presuming Leo said Yes Read and comment...


Bad Boys For Life - This Movie Retro Rocks

Posted: January 19 09:53

What You Gonna Do When It Comes For You Read and comment...


Bombshell - This Movie Rocks

Posted: January 19 09:53

Looks like the women are now The Loudest Voice in the room Read and comment...


Just Mercy - This Movie Almost Rote Rocks

Posted: January 19 09:53
Michael B lawyers up - goes through his motions Read and comment...

!917 - This Single Shot Movie Rocks Impressively

Posted: January 18 21:24
MVP - Roger Deakins Read and comment...

Little Women - This Movie Rocks In The Most Delightful Way

Posted: January 05 15:29
Gerwig enters the conversation - again Read and comment...

Jojo Rabbit - This Nazi Comedy Movie Rocks - To Bowie & The Beatles

Posted: January 05 13:07
The Beatles & Bowie - here to win the war Read and comment...

Star Wars The Rise Of Skywalker - This Final Movie Doesn't Quite Rock

Posted: January 05 12:46
JJ tries, really tries, misses... Read and comment...

Cats - This Catastrophic Clusterfuck Of A Movie Really Does Not Rock

Posted: January 05 12:45
How to make everyone more of a dog person Read and comment...