It's All About The Connor Woman

Posted: May 23 07:47

Latest Terminator - first poster Read and comment...


QT Brings The Period Poster Stuff UPDATED - Now With Post-Cannes Trailer

Posted: May 23 07:34

Cannes still waiting for the heat Read and comment...


Give Us Back Our Woody, You Bastards!

Posted: May 19 17:08

Long delayed latest gets a glimmer of light... Read and comment...


First Olympus. Then London. Now Angel

Posted: May 17 12:26

Gerard Butler just can't stop things from falling down Read and comment...


And The New Batman Is...

Posted: May 17 11:49

Well, we're still not 100% sure... Read and comment...


John Wick Chapter 3 Parabellum - This Movie Just Quantum Rocks Baby - Plain And Simple

Posted: May 16 17:17

You kill one puppy... Read and comment...


Zombies Hit Cannes - Cannes Remains Lukewarm

Posted: May 16 16:48
Bill Murray brings the Red Band Read and comment...

Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil & Vile - This Serial Killer Movie Does Not Rock

Posted: May 05 18:45
Efron slays, but doesn't slay Read and comment...

Tolkien - This Movie Doesn't Really Rock

Posted: May 04 18:07
John Ronald Reuel shoulda put a ring on it Read and comment...

Long Shot - This Movie Rocks The Rom And The Com Both

Posted: May 03 13:02
Bruce, Roxett & Robyn - what's not to love? Read and comment...

Avengers Endgame - This Movie Rocks The World Magnificently

Posted: April 28 16:45
Things that make you go Wow! Read and comment...

Ash Is Purest White - This Movie Meanders More Than Rocks

Posted: April 28 16:41
YMCA plays on repeat in small town China Read and comment...