Ken Loach's Latest Gig (Economy)

Posted: June 20 10:50

Not one of his early funny ones Read and comment...


Pixar Got Soul

Posted: June 20 08:04

But we knew that already Read and comment...


Kingsmen Go Singular

Posted: June 19 18:45

For the prequel - not the threequel Read and comment...


Heeeeeeeere's Ewan!

Posted: June 13 22:14

Danny goes back to the Overlook - Redrum everywhere Read and comment...


Rolling Thunder Revue A Bob Dylan Story By Martin Scorsese - This Movie Rocks

Posted: June 10 13:44

Off to the circus Read and comment...


Liam Gallagher As It Was - This Movie - Like This Man - Rocks

Posted: June 07 12:01

No Noels were hurt in the making of this movie... Read and comment...


Late Night - This Emma Rocks

Posted: June 07 11:04
Enjoy yourself, it's later than you think... Read and comment...

Dark Phoenix - This X Movie Does Not Rock

Posted: June 05 20:25
Ignominius end for the Fox franchise Read and comment...

Ma - This Slow Burn Movie Just About Rocks

Posted: June 03 19:21
It's alright Ma, they'll soon be bleeding Read and comment...

Godzilla King Of The Monsters - This Movie Does Not Rock

Posted: May 30 19:49
Not the alpha male of the Monarch Monster-verse Read and comment...

Booksmart - This Movie Truly Rocks

Posted: May 26 18:55
Few books on show - plenty of smarts Read and comment...

Aladdin - This Movie Rocks A Little (Now With Added Corden!)

Posted: May 24 18:19
Gut Ritchie finds his diamond geezer in the rough - takes him to Bollywood Read and comment...