Who You Gonna Call - Next?

Posted: December 10 12:04

Oldies are back - but not on show here Read and comment...


All The World Is Waiting For You - Again

Posted: December 09 08:52

Diana Prince hits the '80s Read and comment...


Bombshell - This Movie Rocks

Posted: December 06 12:16

Looks like the women are now The Loudest Voice in the room Read and comment...


Motherless Brooklyn - This Movie Pretty Much Rocks - It Just Takes A Long-Time To Do So

Posted: December 06 12:11

Norton goes for his Tourette's-based Oscar run Read and comment...


Mulan - But No Place For Murphy

Posted: December 06 12:10

Disney juggernaut heads East Read and comment...


Bond 25 Gets Postered UPDATED - Now Trailered, Too!

Posted: December 04 13:37

Even the Oscar winning bad guy! Read and comment...


The Nightingale - This Movie Darkly Rocks

Posted: November 30 12:38
What the Babadook's mum did next... Read and comment...

Knives Out - This Christie-Parody Movie Only Occasionally Rocks

Posted: November 26 13:16
Murder By Death 2?? Read and comment...

Judy And Punch - This Movie Doesn't Hit The Rocks

Posted: November 23 14:23
Pretty much your standard misogynist puppet revenge movie Read and comment...

Le Mans '66 (aka Ford V Ferrari) - This Movie Partly Rocks

Posted: November 14 16:31
Damon & Bale - big boy racers Read and comment...