Posted Mar 20 2014

Gilliam Week: The Unexpected Fallout

Those of you who are regular readers of this site may well recall that last week lastword ran a Gilliam Week. This was in honour of Terry Gilliam’s latest movie, The Zero Theorem, which opened in his adopted homeland, the UK. We ran a collection of his early animated shorts, a review of the movie, part of an interview that had never previously seen the light of day. The response was good, positive, the man himself even got in touch to thank us –

“Dear Lastword

Thanks for the great review and the shorts hung out to dry.

It is a beautiful looking website…carry on.

Terry Gilliam.”

First, all your positive feedback, Then – this! We ended the week on a high, chuffed, to say the least.

Then, the weekend happened. Terry’s film opened in the UK over those days and, unfortunately, did not set the world (or, more specifically, the box office) on fire. We heard once again from the great man, Monday lunchtime, half way through our sandwich –

“Dear Lastword

I think the fans were busy watching Gilliam Week on your website rather than going to theatres to watch ZT this last weekend. I need someone to blame and it looks like you’re it.


Well, while we do like to think we have the influence to, ahem, influence audiences, surely this was not our desired effect? Sitting at home tied to our screen when you should have been out watching his?? After all, our review was as positive as positive can be. But, in order to atone for our egregious sins, Mr Gilliam, sir, we’d like to first and foremost apologise. Second, urge our readership to get off their collective arse and get out there and do the right thing. And third, we’ve come up with this new marketing strategy for the movie. Tell whoever your publicity people are to scrap the posters, print ads, whatever (the American market isn’t happening till the end of the summer-there’s time) and go with this strap line – “Don’t’ Be One Of Them Dumb People – Go And See A Fucking Good Movie Instead!”

Everything that line lacks in finesse, it makes up for in, well, just being right. And here at lastword, we’re all about being right,

(And Terry, you can have that one for free by the way – we’re just trying to make things good between us again.)



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