Posted Sep 01 2014

Song Of The Week - The Stone Roses - I Wanna Be Adored

To go all High Fidelity for a moment – the three best opening songs from debut albums ever – FACT!

1: I Saw Her Standing There – Track 1, Side 1 – Please Please Me, The Beatles – not just for the immortal “1,2,3,FOUR!” count in but for the opening line “Well she was just seventeen/You know what I mean/And the way she looked was way beyond compare…” – the basic DNA of all pop music;

2: Money Changes Everything – Track 1, Side 1 – She’s So Unusual, Cyndi Lauper – because she’s right. When you just sign a major record deal, get you first big cheque, what can you do but sing (in that amazing passionate voice) about the fact that money does indeed change everything and you can never be simple again;

3: I Wanna Be Adored – Track 1, Side 1 – The Stone Roses by The Stone Roses – you’re the biggest band in the country even before you release your first album. You open it with a slow build that bursts into life with a moral statement of already having the devil inside you and the basic declaration on which all pop music is built and the reason why everyone wants to join a band– I wanna be adored. Simple. Perfect. Epic. 

And as for the movie connection - look no further than Shane Meadows’ remarkable rock doc from last year Made Of Stone, which captured not only the band’s tenuous reformation, but the very heart and soul of their meaning in the lives of their loyal audience, both young and, increasingly, old. Moving, peerless stuff. With an amazing soundtrack, naturally.


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