Posted Jan 13 2014

Song of the Week - Arcade Fire - Afterlife

Welcome back to the lastword Song of the Week. Every week – or every other day or every day even – it depends when the mood takes us – we’re going to be plugging a song or two. The idea is they have a movie connection – no matter how tenuous we choose it to be. This one however has a fine pedigree.

When lastword ran into Spike Jonze just before Christmas he told us that while he was working on the really rather wonderful Her, he was unsure who to get to score his movie. In fact he kept talking it over with the man who was staying in his spare bedroom, Win Butler. Yes, the same Win Butler from the magnificent Arcade Fire who was at chez Jonze with the missus Regine putting the finishing touches to what turned out to be the best album of last year, the ridiculously eclectic Reflektor. D’oh! Jonze finally cottoned on to the notion of having the band in his bedroom score his movie. Then when Jonze signed on to helm the first You Tube Music Awards, he decided to have the band play possibly the finest song from that oh so fine record live, whilst he concocted this totally bizarre “live video” around it featuring the really rather wonderful Greta Gerwig from the really rather good Frances Ha.

So Her, Reflektor, Frances Ha – it’s like a collection of all that was good in 2013 – all in the one place. And it rocks. Feel free to dance.


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