Posted Nov 08 2014

Song Of The Week - Denis Leary - Elvis & I

In light of Elvis & Nixon being announced this week, our Song choice is Elvis & I. Yes, we could have gone down the conventional path and opted for an actual Elvis song – but why be so obvious? Instead we went for the great Denis Leary and his homage to the king. Complete with Demarol tablets and bacon grease.

Leary debuted the song on the once highly influential MTV Unplugged, the only comic ever to appear on the music show, back in the days when MTV actually played music. It was something of a magic moment, and with added bang for your buck, you even get his take on REM and Immigrant Song to add to the pleasure here.

Movie connection? Well obviously Leary who made the move from stand up to a wide ranging series of films from Ice Age to The Amazing Spider-Man to Operation Dumbo Drop to Draft Day from True Crime to The Thomas Crown Affair. However his finest film work remains the little seen The Ref (aka Hostile Hostages), directed by the late Ted Demme, with Leary playing opposite Kevin Spacey and Judy Davis. It remains one of the best Christmas movies ever made – and that’s a short list that includes It’s A Wonderful Life and Scrooged. If you’ve never seen it, get it before the holiday season – it will rule your Yule!

That’s said, Leary’s towering achievement remains his brilliant TV series Rescue Me, just about he only mainstream programme to fully tackle the personal fall out of 9/11. How come when everyone goes on about this current golden age of television we’re currently living through, they all seem to have missed this one? At the risk of sounding like an advert for tax-avoiding Amazon or illegal downloading – GET IT NOW – it’s almost painfully good.

In the meantime enjoy the vocal prowess of a comic who smokes far too much with Elvis & I. And for fans of the King – please be warned, it’s sincere. But not necessarily respectful.


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