Posted Mar 13 2014

Gilliam Week: Directors' Shorts - Terry Gilliam - Beware Of The Elephants

“Terry G said ‘I’ve got this thing, Elephants, I don’t know what it is really, it’s just a train of consciousness sort of thing.’ So when we were trying to get a format for Python, I thought of that.” Thus spoke Terry Jones of how the other Terry managed to get his place in the final six.

Beware of the Elephants was a very early short piece that Gilliam once again made for the Jones-Palin-Idle children’s show Do Not Adjust Your Set. When the three of them decided to try and team up with the two of Cleese-Chapman, it was Jones who suggested that Elephants provide the template for how they could link the sketches they were working on. “We always intended to bring Terry in” Jones once recalled “but the five of us met first just to talk about what the show was, because we didn’t regard Terry as a writer at that time.”

So have a look below, enjoy and ponder its significance– it wouldn’t be a Flying Circus without some Elephants.



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