Posted Dec 11 2014

Song Of The Week - Cyndi Lauper - Money Changes Everything

Ah, the wonders of the shuffle function. We here at lastword were stuck in the middle of a morning commuter train the other day and what should pop up in our ears but She Bop, still one of the greats paeans to female masturbation – ever!

Of course this was just one of a number of delights from Cyndi Lauper’s remarkable debut album She’s So Unusual (and she was) – Time After Time, All Through The Night, the ubiquitous Girls Just Want To Have Fun, and a great cover of Prince’s When You Were Mine – all classics. But we haven’t gone for any of them. Instead we’ve opted for the album’s opener, Money Changes Everything. This was a cover by Lauper of a vague underground hit by The Brains. But what a way to open an album! Announce to the world that by signing a major record deal and aligning yourself to a major label – yes, it is all about the money and yes, money does indeed change everything. Not so much selling out as growing up and getting real. And one of the greatest debut album openers ever.

As to the film connection? Well, Girls Just Want To Have Fun has been used in too many movies to mention (indeed, it even became a movie itself with Sarah Jessica Parker in 1985), Lauper has acted in everything from 30 Rock to Mrs. Parker and The Vicious Circle to a co-lead (opposite Jeff Goldblum) in  the long-forgotten comedy Vibes. She also performed the theme for The Goonies – but we’re prepared to forgive her that one.

Think the ‘80s were cool – just check out the hairstyles and attitudes on the band in this video!


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