Posted Feb 08 2014

What A Week Woody's Had

Woody Allen’s been having a tough time these last few days. Rather than gearing up to traditionally ignore the Oscars, he’s been caught in the resurfaced glare of 22 year old, previously dismissed allegations of child abuse. His estranged adopted daughter Dylan Farrow, last weekend penned an open letter to the NY Times condemning the filmmaker, following hot on re-stoked flames by former partner Mia Farrow and her son turned political pundit Ronan Farrow, who may be Allen’s child. But then again, may be Frank Sinatra’s. It’s all very unpleasant stuff, and Allen has now published his own NY Times open letter in response, which is well worth a read.

It all seems to have kicked off with the recent Golden Globes lifetime achievement award given to Allen’s at last month’s ceremony, and is now being  mentioned as a possible Oscar spoiler campaign, as if anyone would be stupid enough to deny Cate Blanchett her award on the grounds of decades old speculation about her director. (Sadly, people are stupid enough – could happen.)

Rather than contribute to a conversation we and many more should have no part of, we’ve chosen to highlight Bob Weide’s superb tribute reel from the Globes that should remind all that see it why Woody Allen is one the most unique – and greatest – filmmakers in history.

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