Posted Oct 03 2014

Song Of The Week - The Clash - Train In Vain - For Kristin!

Apologies, we’ve been a bit remiss on Song Of The Week lately – busy weeks.

However, it’s back, and it’s back with the absolutely brilliant Train In Vain from the last gang in town.

And the reason? The more than wonderful Kristin Scott Thomas has just opened in the West End of London in a production of Electra, a role she has been hoping to play for nearly twenty years. And she’s been getting rave reviews.

Now we here at lastword had the honour and the privilege of meeting the beautiful Ms Scott Thomas many moons ago at Pinewood Studios. Only we were told she was gong to be naked. (Yes, this will border on sexist – get over yourselves!)

She was there to be covered in latex so they could make a convincing corpse of her. We were there to interview her for an hour as they applied hot steaming liquid rubber to her naked… (let’s move on.)

Ultimately, she had her clothes on, and we were still charmed…and years later, on Desert Island Discs, the wonderful Kristin chose this, The Clash’s finest three minutes (and initially a hidden track on London’s Calling) as one of her DIDs. And we fell in love with her all over again.

So she’s the movie connection.

As for The Clash – if you really need us to tell you, you really need a smack around the face.

Hit play!


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