Posted Mar 04 2014

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And here we go...

Ellen DeGeneres - she's good, she was fine before, and she's not Seth McFarlane - so how will it go? Let's go.

"Hooray for Hollywood" - really? Liked the "so different gag" - and the Squibb gag. "Who's the wine captain now?" Yes, it's the Hunger Games.

"You're all racists!" - Good job Ellen.

Anne Hathaway is here for Best Supporting Actor - and it's Jared Leto - one of the evenings locks - and look at the locks on him! Wish he hadn't said "journey" but he thanked his mum really well AND plugged his band! Cool.

Jim Carrey shows up for...who knows? Oh, it' impersonate Bruce Dern?..Hang on, no it's LSD - no animation. Or as we like to think of it the Frozen Award (weird then that they gave it a montage of past nominees.) And then nothing happened...

So Kerry Washingtom comes on to introduce Pharell and the "phenomanally cool" Happy - shame it's gonna loose...

Sam Jackson and Naomi Watts are here to announce for costume - and it goes to The Great Gatsby - Catherine Martin - like we predicted and expected. Well done her...

...and Sam and her are around for Make Up and Hair - and it is owned by Dallas Buyers Club - all $250 worthh of it...

To the tune of Indy comes Harrison Ford invoking three of the top nine?? - That's just weird! - Like he's not attached to any one in particular - and they're not even alphabetical - he's here to shill American Hustle, Dallas Buyers Club and Wolf of Wall Street. This is becoming strangely random at this point.

Then Channing Tatum acknowledges the staff...or something. And really?? You don't want ths to run late??

Ellen gives Bradley Cooper some scratch cards - loving this woman.

McConaughey and Kim Novak - now that's a team. Or as I like to say - why the fuck her? They give animated short to Mr Hubot and they hang around to announce the obvious that is Frozen.

Hey, remember when they liked her, they really liked her? Well Sally Field is here to feign emotion and remind us of what it is to be human and something about ordinary, everyday heroes. And once again we're celebrating the random..

So move on - Emma Watson and Joseph Gordon Levitt are here to give the award for best visual effects to Gravity - as if it could go anywhere else???

And so to the wonderful Karen O and the brilliant Moon Song from Her which is performed beautifully andf should win - if Frozen wasn't a lock.

Jason Sudekis and Kate Hudson are on to award live action shorts - to Helium- and then doc short -The Lady in Number 6.

Ellen orders take out AND Bradley Cooper - here for Best Doc - yes, it's the easy one- but nonetheless deserving 20 Years From Stardom. And we fucking love Darlene Love - always have, always will!

Kevin Spacey plays his House of Cards card to announce this years special awards to STEVE MARTIN and some other peole who are not quite STEVE MARTIN...

Ewan MCgregor and Viola Davis are here to stand up for the foreign people - and we clled it again - The Gret Beauty.

And the presentation of three at a time continues with Nebraska being presented up against the one that should win - Her - and the one that will - Gravity (still hoping)

Ellen changes outfit and gets Bard P to do U2 - who are all accoustic and all wonderfu but - it's not your night boys - wish it was, but there's that whole Frozen trhing still to happen...

BEST SELFIE EVER - Ellen is winning!!!!

Thor and that Monster woman are up to give sound mixing to Gravity - we're saying that before it happens - and it is. Like we said. We're having a good night. The only thing that can ruin it is Jennifer Lawrence. And on to Sound Editing - we're Gravity again - and it's - like we called it!!!!! Rock on to the big one...

 Best Supporting Actress - which is presented by Christoph Waltz - and this is up for grabs. Lawrence or Lupito?? And it's...Lupito - and justice is seen to be done.

And she saves the pizza gag by invoking the gut of Harvey...

Bill Murray and some other woman gave Cinematography to - really can it be anyone else? - Emmanuel Lubezki for Gravity  (and full kudos to Bill for mentionig Harold Ramis as one of the "best shooters").

And then Gravity gets both sound awards - and Editing. Now traditionally Edting goes hand in hand with Best Film, especially if it also picks up Best Director - wich it hasn't yet, but will - so yes, we're calling it again - way before the end - for Gravity.

But in between Gatsby got Prod Deesign - and we're currently battng 100!!!

Glenn Close announces the In Memorium bit - very pleased to see Harold Ramis acknowledged, and Phillip Seymor at the end - but Bette and Wind Beneath Your Wings surely should have gone under the reel and not after.

"Holdie Gawn" comes on to celebrate Philomena - much to the surpsie of Philomena herself in the audience. Goldie also plugs Captain Phillips and that whole slave thing movie...

Then the Travolta announcs the Best Song Winner from Frozen...sorry, we mean, just introduces the nominee...

Jamie Foxx and Jessica Biel are here to announce who won the best score - Electro seems to short circuit his autiocue - but is still happy to give it to the brilliant Steven Price - who nailed it. And made sound heard in a space in which sound can't be heard - but was.

And they stick around to give Frozen the obvious award that was going to happen.

DeNiro teams with Cruz to announce Best Adapted Screenplay - as expected they threw 12 Years another bone - John Ridley delivers a simple, heart felt speech.

And then they stay around for Best Original - ABSOFUCKINGLUTLEY -it's Her - we called it! And we were right - Spike Jonze rules that world. And many more to come!!!

Angelina wheels out the great Sydney Potier to an appropriate standing ovation - they're here to announce Best Director - or should we say - give it to Alfonso...who so deserved it and made a fine speech.

Daniel Day Lewis has come in search of "five sublimely gifted actresses" but was only ever going to find one - and it's Cate Blanchett. And it was always going to happen and - more than anything tonight - it was always going to happen. And yes, she namechecked Woody. How could she not? And yes, women are not niche.

Jennifer Lawrence is here for Best Actor - we'd like Leo but we're thinking it's going to the McConaisance - and it goes to - obvious - McConaughey. Want to meet him again in ten years.

And so Will Smith - the man who recentlly played Lucifer in Winter's Tale and won a Golden Raspberry for After Earth just last nght gives the Best Picture Award to 12 Years A Slave - which is deserved. But not a million miles away from when Ghandi beat ET. (Which was so fucking wrong!!!!! by the way.)


















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