Posted Nov 10 2014

Directors' Shorts - Jennifer Kent - Monster

If you haven’t yet seen The Babadook, aka the best horror movie this year, then why not? Go right now, read this later.

However if you have, welcome once again to our occasional series of checking out some fine filmmakers before anyone knew how fine they were – in this instance, newly anointed Jennifer Kent. Back in 2005, a full nine years before she unleashed her already iconic Babadook on the world, she was birthing it quietly in the form of her short, Monster. It’s all here – the mother, the child, their unhealthy dynamic, the oppression of the mother’s life…even the pop up book. And as for the Monster, well, you will jump. But for all the right non-Blumhouse reasons. There’s more humour here than she let seep into her feature, but it’s interesting to see how much tonally was in place way back when. Watch it with the lights out – we dare you!


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