Posted Mar 20 2014

Song Of The Week - Steve Martin - King Tut

Yes, we know it’s not been a week since the last one – get over it, learn to live with the disappointment of the world not turning out to be how you’d like it to be…and bask in the wonderfulness that is Steve Martin. Not just here. But in general.

Here’s the great thing about having shuffle on your iPod – you never know what’s suddenly going to bury its way into your ear. There we were, walking back from the bank and suddenly we were back in Babylonia.

From back in the days when a white man could still use the word “honky.”

He could have won a Grammy. Apparently he was buried in his jammies.

We could have opted for his debut of King Tut on SNL – the costumed extravaganza that it was – but instead we went for the late ‘70s live performance version because here, quite literally, is where comedy became the new rock and roll. Playing to an unprecedented sell-out crowd at the Universal Amphitheatre, Martin’s opening act was a then little known outfit name of The Blues Brothers (hang tight, we’ll get to them one day.) Martin set the template for arena comedy – hell, even the Fonz showed up to carry props. But he soon tired of it – just listen to the first side of The Steve Martin Brothers album if you need confirmation. He had set his sights on the movies and the world is a better place because of that. If we could mention just one of his many major achievements – The Jerk – then it would surely be – The Man With Two Brains – or even possibly – Roxanne – or perhaps – Planes, Trains & Automobiles – or even – Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid – or, mayhaps may we remind you of – Prince Ruprect – or the Dentist song – or that thing with the “hamburger” or every second he’s on screen in Baby Mama – or the beauty of A Simple Twist of Fate or both of him in All Of Me or that absent minded waiter he once was or how LA Story rivals Woody’s Manhattan or ending Bowfinger with Kung Fu Fighting. Hell, we even liked the Fathers of the Brides (both of them - but still draw the line – as most sensible people do – at Sgt. Bilko.)

In other words the man’s a god. In so many ways. Some of us learned how to dance from watching this performance. Admittedly, we don’t get out much…



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