Posted Feb 20 2014

Song Of The Week - David Bowie - Strangers When We Meet

Why David Bowie? Because he was The Man Who Fell To Earth. Because he was Just A Gigolo. Because he wished Mr Lawrence a Merry Christmas. Because Tarantino blew up Hitler to the theme from Cat People. Because he had The Hunger. Because his performance as an assassin in Into The Night “(You’re very good. You’re really very good”) was identical to his performance as Pontius Pilate in The Last Temptation of Christ. Because he judged Zoolander’s walk off. Because he was the Goblin King for Christ sakes. Because running through the black and white streets of New York to Modern Love was the best bit in Frances Ha. Because he’s been on SpongeBob and Extras. Because he was Tesla. And Warhol (“It’s War-hole actually.”) Because the only decent thing in Absolute Beginners was the song at the absolute beginning.

Because last night at the age of 67 he became the oldest ever recipient of a BRIT award, didn’t show up and tried to unite Scotland.

Why? Because he’s David fucking Bowie! (Did you have to ask?)


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