Posted Feb 20 2014

Song Of The Week - The National - Bloodbuzz Ohio

Great Band, great song, shame about the video – in which Matt Berringer feeds the ducks and dances like your dad.

The National have spent many years on the brink of almost happening and have recently graduated to filling arenas. So what’s the movie connection? Well last year front man Matt, perhaps feeling the pressure of being surrounded in his own band by two sets of brothers, decided to invite his younger brother Tom, nine years his junior, along to work as a roadie. But Tom, a man who appears blissfully ignorant of the fact the he easily carries the air of a near total loser, had delusions of grandeur. Having already made a couple of low rent action/horror home movies, Tom decided to make a film about the band. The result is the remarkable Mistaken For Stranger, which captures the band on tour, sees Tom asking the most inane of questions, pissing off the road manager, failing to catch the tour bus and eventually getting himself fired (indirectly) by his exasperated sibling. Yet he ploughed on with the movie...and what resulted is not so much a portrait of the band but a look at himself in relation to his brother’s success. And beyond that, a look at the nature of brotherly relationships in general. For all his apparent buffoonery and misguided ego, Tom made a really good movie, one that is both hilariously funny in a post-Tap kind of way, but also extremely moving in places. Quietly, unexpectedly brilliant. And the music – when Tom’s not hogging the screen – is pretty damn good too.

It played the festival circuit last year and will hopefully get a proper release sometime soon. Until then, you can always watch Matt feeding the ducks.



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