Posted Oct 12 2014

Song Of The Week - PoP - Pop Goes My Heart

Proof once again, if proof were needed, that Hugh Grant is the finest light comedian working in cinema today. To celebrate his re-teaming with writer-director/kindred rom-com spirit (who isn’t Richard Curtis) Marc Lawrence, we hark back seven long years ago to their finest 90 or so minutes, Music & Lyrics.

Everything you ever want to know about pop music in the ‘80s (kind of) is combined here in this Wham-esque ditty, bravely reminding us of the days when pop videos really told a story!

Yes, you can call it pastiche, you can label it trite, you could even say it sucks. But damned if you won’t be humming it all day long. “I said I wasn't gonna lose my head, But then POP goes my heart”

It is Gold. And Silver.


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