Posted Jan 21 2014

Song of the Week - Bruce Springsteen - Frankie Fell In Love

Bruce Springsteen had a new album out last week, High Hopes, and as ever it is a thing to behold, and we here at lastword were rather taken by it. Amongst many highlights is a song called Frankie Fell In Love, which for two and a half minutes is simply the sound of pure joy. The aural equivalent of looking at pictures of puppies. But there was no clip out there to promote it so we couldn’t justify putting it up here.

Until this Saturday night just gone (and it really is a Saturday night song) – January 18- Bruce showed up at a charity gig in Asbury Park and world premiered it. Needless to say someone had a camera-phone – and here you go. And once you’ve watched and wept go and download the album (it’s actually much better on record with the full might of the E-Street magic – but hey, this is cool for now.)

Oh and if you need us to spell out the movie connections – Bruce had that excellent doc out last year, Springsteen & I, which made the lastword Top 10 of the Year, he provided the excellent closing song for Aronofsky’s The Wrestler, Branagh made good use of Hungry Heart in Peter’s Friends, he won an Oscar for God sakes for Philadelphia. And he wisely never acted again after his brief on screen appearance in Cusack’s sublime High Fidelity. Which was a smart move.




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