Posted May 19 2014

Bonus Song Of The Week - Arcade Fire - We Exist

Yes, we know we only posted a Song of the Week earlier today, hence the word “Bonus.”

Here’s a chance to see Spider Man as you’ve never seen him before. Peter Parker giving us his very best Gwen Stacey.

Given that Arcade Fire are just about the finest band on the planet right now, anything they do is always of interest. Their newly minted video for We Exist – another slice of dark disco from their brilliant Reflektor album – features none other than Andrew Garfield himself, eschewing his Spider-threads, shaving his head, donning a blonde wig, a push up bra and his best pair of Daisy Dukes to come out to the world. (Win Butler describes the song as being “about a gay kid talking to his dad.") At the end of the video, Garfield, in full dress, joins the band on stage at this year’s Coachella.

Well, it’s one way for Spidey to cope with his recent grief.



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