Posted Nov 07 2014

Directors' Shorts - Neil Blomkamp - Tempbot (2006)

We haven’t done one of these in a while, but every now and then we like to give you a chance to look at a filmmaker’s early work. In light of Neil Blomkamp unveiling the first look at his Chappie this week (don’t snigger!), we thought what better time than to show you that lovable robot’s first outing.

Back in 2006, Blomkamp was experimenting with fx and filmmaking, pushing the boundary of a low budget and a limitless imagination. He took his Chappie prototype (who debuted in 2004’s much shorter Tetra Vale) and set him to work in an office in 2006’s Tempbot.

Blomkamp has a terrific sense of world-building, as displayed in his two features to date. This shows the man at the drawing board, and makes us just as excited for this Chappie as the trailer did.


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