Posted Oct 25 2014

Song Of The Week - Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band With Special Guests Arcade Fire

It’s the “Holy Shit!!!” that does it.

For all the stuff on YouTube since the day of its inception, this is probably our favorite bit here at lastword. And it's not even the fact that we love all the perpetrators. It’s the fact that it’s filmed on some guy’s phone, at an impromptu meet up of two of the best there ever were. It’s the fact that it’s a fan who just happened to be there to catch it. It’s his reaction.

So forget all those funny pets playing piano, the animals that look like Hitler, the babies that bite their sibling’s fingers. This is what the internet was invented for – to share a moment when one pop song means all the world to the person hearing (or in this case filming) it. As it finishes, he screams out “Holy Shit!”

Sometimes it’s all about the “Holy Shit!”  

Hell, every time it’s all about the “Holy Shit!”


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