Posted Mar 15 2014

Gilliam Week: The Lost Of Which Are Still Lost

So anyway there is this world exclusive, never seen before blah, blah, blah hour long interview with Terry Gilliam we were hoping to show you today. It features Terry and Quixote co-writer Tony Grisoni, captured in the lair that lies at the top of Gilliam’s house, approximately one week before he went off to shoot The Man Who Killed Don Quixote. The first time. You remember – the time it all went wrong, when military airplanes flew over, floods were unleashed, actors broke their backs, and insurance companies shut them down. (Lost In La Mancha tells it better.) At this point, however, Gilliam and Grisoni have yet to arrive on location and are happy, excited and eager to talk. For an hour. Only we don’t have that full hour. Due to some technical gremlins that we hope to rectify in the near future, we can’t bring you the full interview at this point. So, with profound apologies, here’s the first eleven minutes of it to tease the rest.

Thus, to bring Gilliam Week to a crashing end, the film that was not to be has somehow and somewhat appropriately, begat the interview that doesn’t seem to want to be either.

Enjoy the tease. Hopefully we’ll have the rest of it up before Gilliam goes off to the shoot the film. For the second time.



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