Posted Dec 23 2014

Christmas Song Of The Week - Wendy & Lisa - The Closing Of The Year

Bored with Slade? Wizard not working for you anymore? Never want to hear the Boys of the NYPD choir ever again? Lost all sense of charity towards Band Aid?? Yes, Christmas is a time for musical overload. So in the interest of peace and goodwill to all, allow lastword to suggest an alternative playlist this Yule time, to break the tyranny of old but still keep in the spirit of today. Everyone a classic.

And we start with Prince’s old sidekicks Wendy & Lisa who contributed the main theme to the hugely underrated Robin Williams-Barry Levinson post-Good Morning Vietnam reteaming, Toys. The Closing of the Year was the undoubted highlight of a soundtrack that also saw the reunion of Buggles – Trevor Horn produced and Hans Zimmer played keyboards. Just like in the old days.

(Need a movie connection? As we said, this was the opener to Toys. And Wendy & Lisa can be seen at their finest fronting the Revolution in Prince’s Purple Rain.)


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