Posted Feb 11 2014

Directors' Shorts - Martin Scorsese - The Big Shave

Welcome to a new, semi-regular feature on LastWord – a chance to see some of the short films made by some of the best directors around. Most of the time we’ll try and direct you to the relevant filmmaker at the relevant time. Not always of course, we might just really like something and feel an overwhelming desire to share, irrespective of time-appropriateness.

However, to kick us off we have an early work from the man behind current BO hit and awards troubler The Wolf of Wall Street, Martin Scorsese. Take just over five minutes out of your day to watch his 1967 student film The Big Shave, a graphic bathroom metaphor for the then ongoing war, sometimes (albeit rarely) also known as Viet ’67.

Originally, young Marty intercut the bloody, self-harming trim with ‘Nam news footage, but found this approach too heavy-handed and re-edited to prove that, sometimes, the metaphor is everything.

From little blood soaked acorns, master craftsmen grow.



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