Posted Dec 31 2014

Song Of The Year - Number 3: Bruce Springsteen - Frankie Fell In Love

The countdown continues. And at Number 3…

Should a man rapidly heading towards pensioner age be able to write a song as vibrant as this? Well, Springsteen did just that at the start of the year with this short, sharp blast of pop perfection. Frankie… is the ultimate Friday night song, the sweetest Saturday night out with your mates, that male time before women enter the equation and everything goes to shit  (joking!) – “World peace’s gonna break out/From here on in we’re eating take out/She ain’t gonna be cooking for the likes of us…”

It is the sound of pure joy mixed with just a tinge of bittersweet loss. And like all the best of The Boss’ work infused with a deep sense of longing. Simply, ridiculously good.

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