Posted Dec 31 2014

Song Of The Year - Number 4: U2 - Invisible

So this is new! As we rapidly prepare our Top Ten of the year, movie wise, (Warning! – It might be 11) we decided in keeping with the Song Of The Week motif, we’d go for the all new, all singing/some dancing “Song of The Year.” And rather than a Top 10, or a Top 5, or even a Top 3, we’ve gone for a Top 4. Why? The number just leapt out at us. So, without further ado, we start today with Number 4 (in time-honored tradition, this will be in reverse order – so come back over the next few end of year days.)

The envelope please…and at Number 4…

All the brouhaha went on the release of their album this year – “OMG! Somebody gave me something for free!! U2 RAPED MY PHONE!!!” – and so on. But U2’s finest moment came much earlier this year when they released – yes, again for free – damn those Irish! – a song that didn’t make the album. Invisible was the band at their finest, once again writing pop music about the inclusional nature of pop music itself. “There is no them/There’s only us…” Storming. Brilliant. And you can dance to it.

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