Posted Aug 24 2014

Song Of The Week - Kate Bush - This Woman's Work

Kate Bush is one of the most remarkable, original pop artists Britain has ever produced. So why are we picking her this week?

Well in all her illustrious carer, she has only ever toured once, and even then only briefly.

This coming Tuesday (August 26th) marks the first time the woman has toured in 35 years – although even this cannot really be called a tour, as it constitutes a multi-date residency at London’s Hammersmith Apollo (same venue she played all those years ago) running over numerous nights between now and early October.

And if you have been lucky to get a ticket to any of these sold out shows, you can guarantee you’ll be in for a (rare) treat. Possibly never to be repeated (not sure she’s gonna be up for it in another 35 years.)

To celebrate this remarkable event(s) – we’ve chosen one of her simplest, and one of her finest songs, This Woman’s Work, the reason being it has a very distinct movie connection. It was first unveiled to the world in the great John Hughes’ move from his unparalleled run of classic ‘80s teen movies, into more adult fare, She’s Having A Baby. (The film that features a host of celeb cameos over its end titles – everyone from Bill Murray to John Candy to Ally Sheedy to Dan Aykroyd to Molly Ringwald to Michael Keaton, to the whole cast of Cheers to Ferris Bueller himself, offering up their thoughts on the perfect baby name, by far the best of which is the immortal, but seldom used, “Blind Boy Grunt.” Have yet to meet one kid whose parents picked up on that one – shame!)

There’s some conjecture over whether Hughes actually got Bush to write the song for his movie (if so, it would be her one and only film commission) as the song featured in the film a full year before it appeared on Bush’s album, The Sensual World. And her video for the single, below, clearly echoes the scene from the Kevin Bacon-Elizabeth McGovern starrer that it soundtracks.

Either way, it’s one of Bush’s greatest works – and one of Hughes’ all too few great movies. Check out both if you know neither.


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