Posted May 10 2014

Song Of The Week - Gorillaz - On Melancholy Hill

Damon Albarn writes great ballads. For all the jumping up and down on stage he's done for the last quarter century to the likes of Parklife, There's No Other Way, Girls & Boys et al, his best work remains his less frenetic, the likes of To The End, This Is A Low, End of a Century. His more, dare we say it, melancholy stuff.

Now in his forties, Albarn has finally gotten round to recording his first solo album, Everyday Robots, just released to almost universal praise. This is not from that. It's from his last hurrah from what was one of his last bands, Gorillaz. Allegedly recoded by the man on his iPad, (and apparently inspired in part by The Beatles And Your Bird Can Sing) this is Albarn at his finest, musically, lyrically and vocally. It is a thing of rare and delicate beauty and if you don't know it - get to.

And as for the usual filmic connection - well, he formed the semi-animated virtual Gorillaz with comic book artist Jamie Hewlett, who's breakthrough work was the cooler than cool '90s comic book Tank Girl, which was made into the shitter than shit film, Tank Girl, which all but ended the then burgeoning career of Lori Petty, but did give the world an early glimpse of Naomi Watts as her sidekick, and the once seen never forgotten sight of Ice T as a mutant kangaroo.

And Gorillaz hat a hit with another song called Clint Eastwood - and he knows a thing or two about movies.

Oh yeah, and this song once played in the background on the jukebox in the Rover's Return in Coronation Street. The same week they played The Suburbs by Arcade Fire. It was an odd week on the cobbles, a time when, briefly, anything seemed possible.


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