Posted May 21 2018

When He's Not Being Bernstein - Jake Finally Joins The Spidey-verse

Wishing not to spoil anything for those who haven’t yet seen Infinity War (if such a beast actually exists) last we saw Peter Parker he was, shall we say, probably a touch under the weather..?

Nonetheless, he’s plowing on with a sequel to the fab Homecoming, with Tom Holland NOT being replaced (despite his recent health status), due to start filming this month. And it looks like Jake Gyllenhaal is going to be joining him as evil villain Quentin Beck, AKA the mysterious Mysterio.

For those that remember way back when, Gyllenhaal was almost drafted in to replace his pal Tobey Maguire for Raimi’s Spider Man 2 when Maguire injured his back during the making of Seabiscuit. So, Gyllenhaal’s entry into the Spidey-verse may have taken many years and now sees him moving from hero to villain – but he’s here at last.

Spider-Man Homecoming 2 – or more likely a film titled something else entirely – opens next summer.


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