Posted Jan 17 2018

Insidious The Last Key - This Fourth-So-Far Movie Bangs But Never Rocks

Dir: Adam Robitel

Starring Lin Shaye, Leigh Whannell, Angus Sampson, Caitlin Gerard, Bruce Davison

It’s a horror movie with the word “Final” in the title, so we know it won’t be the last one. Insidious 4 (by any other name) is certainly not one of the stronger entries in the franchise, this time focusing on the back story of regular series psychic Dr Elise Rainier. As such it serves as a prequel to the others, with an ending that dovetails into the original movie. Also, as before, Elise is joined by her bumbling cohorts Tucker and Specs (played by series writer Whannell) who are simply never as amusing as they’re meant to be.

Plot-wise we see Elise return to her childhood home to face up to - very literal – ghosts from her abusive childhood. There are a couple of twists, a good deal of the usual quiet-BANG approach that now defines Blumhouse, and, as ever, it’s effective at what it sets out to do. The bar is met, but the bar is set increasingly low in this series.


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