Posted Mar 08 2018

Why Ready Player One Is Worrying Us

So, here’s the frustrating thing about Ready Player One. Every time its pulls off something cool in its marketing campaign, it then goes and messes it up straight away. As with the stuff below – great to see Batman climbing Mount Everest. But the poster re-dos are, well, tacky and amateurish. Admittedly, they’re meant to be…but it just stirs further doubts in us. The main doubt being the main man himself. Is this really a film for Steve Spielberg to be making? Despite his refusal to incorporate some of his more famous creations in the pop culture-mixathon, there’s enough here to possibly remind us of the simple fact that Steven Spielberg just doesn’t make this kind of film anymore. And we’re more than happy to have grown up with ET and then gone on to sit down with Lincoln. We thought he was too.

Of course, genius that he is, the man might well have pulled it off. But so far this movie’s advance campaign has veered wildly, and these lousy posters really don’t help.

Still, guess we’ll know in a couple of weeks. Still hoping…


Ready Player One is ready to play from March 29


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