Posted Nov 24 2017

Daddy's Home Two - This Bad Dads Christmas Movie Does Not Rock

Dir: Sean Anders

Starring Will Ferrell, Mark Wahlberg, Mel GIbson, John Lithgow, Linda Cardellini, Jon Cena 

The first one was pretty bad. The good news is this sequel is improved by the presence of Gibson and Lithgow. The bad news is – barely.

It’s the holidays – home of joy, frankincense and the inevitable cheap, badly (barely) plotted cash-grab of all seasonal follow up movies (see also A Bad Moms Christmas, and far too many to mention.) The plot is basically the poster – as co-dads Ferrell and Wahlberg struggle to unite their blended family, their own dads show up to add to the “fun.”

That’s about it. Gibson is clearly having a good time back on screen and it’s a welcome return, as he gives it his all. Lithgow too – naturally working in a whole other key – is also enjoyable. They far outshine their off spring, with Ferrell now forever trapped in his never evolving girly man persona, and Wahlberg determined to prove that as a comic actor, he’s a very decent dramatic actor. And God spare us – in this alleged time of good will to all men – all those moments where the two of them improvise, having seemingly mistaken “funny” for “just talking fast. And a lot.” (Oh that bloody thermostat!)

There are a couple of moments that are just so weird that you might find yourself smiling – one involves Liam Neeson, and the other a very bizarre riff on Do They Know It’s Christmas? complete with a named cinema chain lobby full of people singing “Feed The World” whilst handing out snacks “available in the lobby”, as it were. And as to the late arriving Sully joke, Wahlberg has to explain it in such detail that – you guessed it – just not funny any more.

It’s tempting to say the same thing about the movie as a whole. But, hey, this was never funny in the first place.

To ensure your Christmas goes well – don’t go.



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