Posted May 03 2018

Song Of The Week - Janelle Monae - Make Me Feel

There are many reasons we’re dwelling on Janelle Monae this week. First up, need some movie bona fides? Well she was outstanding in both Hidden Figures and Moonlight last year, her video here owes more than a passing resemblance to Black Mirror’s San Junipero, and it co-stars Thor’s Valkyrie Tessa Thompson. (That do ya?)

Then there’s her remarkable new album Dirty Computer which dropped last week and is on heavy rotation here at Last Word Towers. Make Me Feel was the lead-off single from the album and it’s here because it’s not only splendidly original and totally infectious – but it has the spirit of Prince all over it! (Yes, it’s been two years – no, we’re not over it.) Prince was working with Monae at the time of his death, contributing sounds for her record – and damn but that sounds like his guitar. And his vocals. And even his “Damn” jumps straight outta Housequake. And yet Monae manages to take all that influence and somehow make this completely her own. We’re kind of blown away. You will be too.

Hit “Play” already. Damn!


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