Posted May 01 2018

Poor Terry - New Trailer, New Lawsuit

As we get to watch a new trailer for the fabulous-looking The Man Who Killed Don Quixote, poor old Terry Gilliam is once again embroiled in a legal fight over the release of his film. Brings us all the way back to the mid 1980s and the battle of Brazil. Paul Branco, an early producer on the film, is angling for a court hearing in France on May 7th – the day before the opening of the Cannes Film Festival, which has booked the movie in as its big closing night number. Branco wants to stop that happening – and the film’s subsequent release. Gilliam and co meanwhile are arguing that Branco’s funding for the film never came through and therefore he has no rights over the finished flick. Cannes have come out firmly in support of Gilliam and are moving ahead with the screening as planned. But we’ll have to see what the courts decide – just one more obstacle in this film’s long, long, long journey to the screen.

Whilst we’re waiting – enjoy the gorgeous new trailer –



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