Posted Jan 25 2018

Dundee - It's Really Happening!! UPDATED - No It's Not! They Fooled Us All!!

UPDATE – So yes, we fell for it. There is no new Crocodile Dundee movie looming out of nowhere. The two teasers to date have all ben part of an elaborate marketing campaign by Tourism Australia, due to come to fruition in a few weeks at this year’s Super Bowl.  Well done them – the star casting and the mock IMDB listing had us all fooled. And don’t go saying you knew it all along – you didn’t!

Anyway, it may not be a movie now. But, after the success of the campaign, and the idea of a McBride-Hemsworth next gen team up, how long before this thing becomes a reality?

ORIGINAL POST - When it was revealed a few days ago that Danny McBride was starring as the son of Crocodile Dundee in a new sequel – and that it was all finished and ready to go – the world was aghast. (We’re possibly exaggerating there – but just slightly.) The two big questions on everyone’s lips were 1) Where did it come from? And 2) Why, dear God, why?

Well the answer to the first one isn’t so difficult. Presuming the original Croc Paul Hogan is involved (and the IMDB says he is), he has always worked under the radar as far as his movies are concerned. The original Crocodile Dundee was self financed by the Aussie comic and literally came out of nowhere. For the first sequel, Hogan took charge of the production, once again self financed it and did everything his way. Now presuming he still has a few pennies in the bank  - and the movie was shooting outback in Australia - there’s no reason Hogan couldn’t have insured this stayed out of the public eye (even though Thor himself appears to be co-starring.)

As to the second question – we have no answer to that.

Dundee arrives - even if we don't want it to - June 1 (UPDATE - No, it doesn't!)


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