Posted Jan 22 2018

Game Night - Twice The TV Spots. Twice The Fun??

Following the likes of Horrible Bosses, Identity Thief, Office Christmas Party and more, Jason Bateman is rapidly becoming if not a sub-genre, then certainly a style of film. We know these movies will feature him walking his way through increasingly desperate events and crude gags, the seemingly stoic yet drolly deadpan everyman there to provide a voice of reason, but finding himself drawn inexorably into the law of diminishing returns of chaos around him that he swore to avoid. So far, Game Night looks like that film EXACTLY!

We’d like to think it could be more. After all, we still have a soft spot for Bateman. And we love us some Rachel McAdams. But to date – these two new TV spots included – we’re thinking “Been there, done that. And seen that – too many times already!! (Happy to be proved wrong. But any movie that relies on audience Twitter quotes in its advertising, wel...)  


Game Night starts playing Feb 23


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