Posted Apr 06 2018

A Quiet Place - This Lean, Mean Horror Movie Rocks

Dir: John Krasinski

Starring Emily Blunt, John Krasinski, Millicent Simmonds, Noah Jupe

John Krasinski makes a leap into genre, and a major leap as a filmmaker, with this extremely tense, smartly inventive, incredibly lean and mean horror sci-fi. 

We are months into what remains of life after an alien invasion. Aliens that appear to be blind, but will pounce on any little sound their enlarged ears detect, roam the small rural area in which Krasinski and his family struggle to survive. Which leaves only one major question – what were these people thinking when they decided to get pregnant? Don’t they know babies make noise? A lot of noise.

Following a devastating opening sequence, Krasinski expertly marshals his movie as one family – just about the only humans we see for the film’s entire run – juggle basic survival with familial issues, all the while relying on saying the least to say what may well be the most. It’s beautifully staged, taut when it needs to be (which is most of the time) whilst also finding time to convey the emotions and backstories of its central characters.

It’s a film of few words, which this review will echo. Save to say, it is ambitious and successful in that ambition, is full of genuine jump scares that feel totally earned and a million miles way from the door-banging world of Paranormal Activity and its ilk, and has moments of genuine emotional devastation and loss that resonate far beyond the screen you may see it on.

Oh, and did we mention, that after an extremely well paced exercise in less is more – it hits you with one of the best endings we’ve seen in quite some time. And takes the moment to smile when it’s doing it. Now that’s something!

(Oh yeah – and Emily Blunt is just brilliant. But we all know that already, don’t we?)



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