Posted Dec 25 2017

Song Of The Year No. 1 - Arcade Fire - Everything Now

OK, so their fifth album, despite having a lot to love, was their least successful yet – in every sense. But its opening salvo was the sound of everything pop music can and should be this year – utterly infectious, joyous, smart and insistent, with a nod tipped to a mix of both Abba and Steve Nieve of  The Attractions’ Oliver’s Army rip off of Abba. (Hey, if you’re going to steal, steal from the best – sometimes more than once.) Everything Now saw the Arcade Fire deliver this year’s mantra on globalization with a beat you could dance to and a chorus you just couldn’t escape. Towering over all comers, it was somewhat ironic that whilst writing and singing about the corporate take over of the world, the band took a step back in what has been up to now their unassailable domination of same. Nonetheless, this perfect slice of the pop life came to dominate just about everyone who heard it.

“Turn the speakers up till they break” 

Hit “Play” already. Damn!


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