Posted Dec 23 2017

Has Mama Meryl Died For Her Sequel?

So given her billing on this trailer is now that of an “and,” is it true that Meryl Streep is no more than a spectral presence in this sequel/prequel to one of the biggest movie musicals of all time? If that is in the case, be grateful that the wonderful Lily James has been chosen to play Meryl The Younger in the half of this movie that tells the tale of how life on that Greek island all came to be. Just about all the original cast are back,(plus the inspired casting of W1A’s Hugh Skinner as a young Colin Firth), and you can be sure that the back catalogue of Benny and Bjorn that wasn’t plundered for the last one, will be wrung dry this time around. Plus, probably the odd reprise or two – with Pierce Brosnan being allowed to sing again surely the oddest reprise of all!

Mama Mia 2 goes again from July 20


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