Posted Oct 30 2017

Shazam Chucks Up A Chuck

Best known for the spy-comedy TV show Chuck (and currently in the Marvel world of Thor Ragnarok), Zachary Levi has landed the title role in Shazam, as in the hero that young Billy Batson turns into when ever he utters that particular word. The name is actually an acronym, named for the Greek Gods and historical figures who give him his powers – Solomon, Hercules, Atlas, Zeus, Achilles and Mercury. He also used to be known as Captain Marvel, but given Brie Larson’s nabbed that moniker, they probably won’t be calling him that.

Shazam is the next DC movie to go into production, and will arrive, post-Justice League and Aquaman, sometime in 2019. Dwayne the Rock meanwhile is gearing up to play Shazam villain Black Adam in yet another movie, where they’ll probably turn him into a hero anyway. After all, it’s Dwayne the Rock.

Check out the old Shazam TV series below for a taste – hope they keep the RV!


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