Posted Oct 28 2017

Jigsaw - This Movie Rocks By The Numbers

Dir: Michael Spierig, Peter Spierig

Starring Tobin Bell, Michael Passmore, Callum Keith Rennie, Hannah Emily Anderson, Cle Bennett

This is the eighth in the cycle of Saw movies, following on from the 3D promise of “The Final Chapter” seven years ago – never trust a horror movie when it says it’s the final anything.

So years have gone by – a full ten in terms of this storyline – and the supposedly dead Jigsaw is back. And he appears to have five sinners chained up in his latest torture chamber, all the better to give them a chance to atone for their sins. In the outside world meanwhile, a mixture of hard smoking, muscle-car driving cops and pathologists are trying to come to terms with this sudden miraculous resurrection, when they’re not busy suspecting each other of being the killer themselves. In between, our five captives brutally dwindle by number…

Which is to say, nothing much has changed in the Saw universe, making for a movie that is at best perfectly adequate but certainly nothing special. To be honest, even the usually inventive and grisly means of death are a touch on the dull side here.

Jigsaw is a functional murder by numbers tale that goes for a final twist that is by no means as inventive as it clearly thinks it is, and even borders on confusing in its execution. Will tick some of your Halloween boxes in lieu of going back to "It" again. But really, we expected more for the usually highly inventive Spierig Brothers.


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