Posted Sep 20 2018

Song Of The Week - Robyn - Missing U

This is the long awaited return of the, ahem, recently “missing”, Robyn with Missing U. And we’re playing it, why? Just because it’s great.

Need a movie connection? Mmm…well there have been many films that have made use of the word “Missing.’ There’s Costa-Gavras’ splendid Missing from 1982…Ron Howard’s under-valued The Missing with Tommy Lee Jones and Cate Blanchett getting on each other’s tits…there’s the great Man from U.N.C.LE. movie, One Of Our Spies is Missing…the less impressive ‘70s Disney caper One Of Our Dinosaurs Is Missing…Bunny Lake Is Missing…and that whole “U” spelling, well that’s very Prince isn’t it? And he was in a couple of films…one of them good…

Enough! Hit “Play!” already. Damn!


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