Posted Sep 21 2018

Looks Like They're Not Joking UPDATED - Now With Make-Up

UPDATE - Now they've added some make-up. We're pretty sure you're shuddering

ORIGINAL POST - Is this even a story? Writer-director Todd Phillips has posted the first image from his upcoming standalone Joker movie. And it's...a picture of Joaquin Phoenix looking like he's had a long night out and not had a decent haircut for a few years - i.e. just another picture of Joaquin Phoenix!

Who knows? Maybe the movie will never get as far as the standard Joker image - make up, scars and all. Maybe it's just going to examine the genuine psychopothy of the character. 

But you know what Mr Phillips? If you're going to tease - put the damn work in!

And Joaquin - get a good night's sleep. You'll feel better.

The Joker arrives - in whatever form - October 4 next year


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