Posted Dec 07 2017

Brigsby Bear - This Lonely Island Just Got Lonelier Movie Really Doesn't Rock

Dir: Dave McCary

Starring Kyle Mooney, Mark Hamill, Andy Samberg, Claire Danes, Greg Kinnear, Jane Adams, Michaela Watkins, Ryan Simpkins, Matt Walsh

Brisgby Bear represents another big screen fail for The Lonely Island. Co-written and starring former SNL cohort Mooney, this is a film that appears almost desperate to arrive as a full-fledged cult movie, but simply tries too hard, with very little material to back it up.

Mooney fails to endear as James, a young man who has lived his entire life in an underground bunker, protected from the atmospherically ravaged world outside by his parents, obsessed with the one TV show he can watch, Brigsby Bear Adventures.

Turns out – the world is fine, his parents are in fact his abductors, and Brisgby Bear is known only to him, as his kidnapping father substitute (Hamill) has been making the show for him all these years.

Back firmly in the real world, and desperately trying to adjust, James learns about filmmaking and sets out to tell the final tale of Brigsby Bear. And somehow entices all those around him – new family, new friends and new policeman – to join in. Seemingly there’s something in the sheer innocence and simplicity of Brigsby that appeals to all – although it’s quite hard to spot, as both the Bear and his story here are utterly charmless. And not even vaguely amusing. The filmmaking elements aspire to the sheer unbridled joy of Son Of Rambow – but fall way, way short.

Brisgby Bear is a film that just doesn’t work on any of the cylinders it tries to fire on. It presents itself as charming – it isn’t. It aspires to be smart and witty – it isn’t. It wants to play in the arena of cult – from its instant sci fi TV show associations, and the almost stunt casting of Hamill – it fails miserably.

It many ways, the movie apes its own movie within a movie i.e. the Bigsby movie that James and co make – it feels like something made by a bunch of friends, who clearly thought they were making something great, and then watched it at the end and (should have) realised that they had really not pulled it off.

Definitely not Son of Rambow. Hell, it's not even Dick In A Box.


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