Posted Jun 30 2018

The Endless - This Movie Rocks The Odd

Dir: Justin Benson, Aaron Moorhead

Starring Justin Benson, Aaron Moorhead, Callie Hernandez, Lew Temple

Three years ago, the directing team of Benson and Moorhead brought us the impressive and highly original horror-romance, Spring. Now the team is back with The Endless, another movie that both draws you in, messes with your expectations and leaves you genuinely impressed.

The two directors also turn actor here, playing the lead roles of the brothers Smith, trying to carve out a living ten years after leaving/escaping what they now term a “UFO death cult.” When an end-is-nigh video tape mysteriously arrives in the mail apparently from their former home, Camp Arcadia, Aaron, the younger brother inveigles his older and warier sibling Justin, to take a trip back to the camp. What they uncover there are things they find hard to reconcile, that slowly start to reveal themselves, becoming the stuff of non-aged residents, possible monsters and inexplicable incidents in time.

As with Spring, The Endless is a hugely inventive movie that takes familiar tropes and delivers them in wholly new and unexpected ways. As actors, the directors are both solid, as filmmakers, they take delight in playing with expectations and genre, moving their film in a number of increasingly complex directions, never losing sight of the connection at the heart of the story.

There are moments when the ambitions of the movie’s effects are let down by the constraints of the film’s budget. But the one thing that clearly isn’t constrained here, is the imagination of the men behind it. We eagerly await what they have planned for us next.



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