Posted Oct 19 2017

Brawl In Cell Block 99 - This Movie Violently Rocks

Dir: S. Craig Zahler

Starring Vince Vaughn, Don Johnson, Jennifer Carpenter

Vince Vaughn brings a world of pain to those that go up against him in Zahler’s glorified B movie. He’s a small time drug courier who ends up in jail. When his wife is subsequently kidnapped and threatened with the most unpleasant of pre-abortion surgery, Vaughn must then get himself into a maximum security unit to take out a prisoner for the cartel that hold her.

The prisons evoked in Zahler’s second movie are the stuff of nightmares, with cell block 99 itself becoming distinctly medieval. Which is kind of appropriate as the violence and vengeance that reigns down here is bordering on biblical.

The whole thing is a slow burn, with Vaughn delivering a brooding but beguiling dramatic turn. Johsnon too has a good time chewing on a cigar and the scenery both.

But it’s the climax, as bones are crunched and heads stomped to nothingness, that really packs the power and brings the gasps. It’s unpleasant, but powerful on its own grindhouse terms.


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