Posted Sep 06 2018

Bond-Watch Day 17

17 days since Danny Boyle walked (damn shame!) and with news yesterday of Daniel Craig signing up for a new movie (Rian Johnson’s Knives Out) you might well think that Bond 25 was on the back burner. It appears not. With Boyle and John Hodge’s script apparently also out, EON have turned their attention back to the last Purvis & Wade effort and are actively in chats with three potential Boyle-substitutes – in no particular order -

1: Yann Demange – a pre-Boyle runner, post ’71. Still a player apparently, though the somewhat lacklustre reception of his latest, White Boy Rick, at Telluride may now work against him.

2: S. J. Clarkson – OMG – a woman directing a Bond movie!? Has the world fallen off its axis? Next they’ll be talking about making Bond a black man…no, let’s not go there. TV vet Clarkson (Jessica Jones, Orange Is…) was all lined up to make her franchise debut with Star Trek 4 until the Chrises (Pine & Hemsworth) walked over pay issues, so she’s currently dangling. As long as she keeps the Bond girls really hot and one dimensional, we’re OK with this one!

2: Bart Layton – his latest, American Animals, is certainly a singular piece (as was The Imposter.) But are Barbara and Michael looking for the idiosyncratic individual? Certainly that would appear to have gone wrong with the last contender…

We’ll just have to wait and see. Personally, we'd like to return to a comment we made earlier – James Gunn isn’t doing anything at the moment.

Bond 25 aka The Oscar Winning Director Who Dumped Me, is still trying to open October 2019


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