Posted Oct 01 2018

Bags Packed, Last Night, Pre-Flight

From the moment we heard that Taron Egerton was going to be playing Elton John, and not Tom Hardy (nothing wrong with Hardy, just not for this) we were onbaord this Elton John biopic Rocket, as it were. Add to that, director Dexter Fletcher (who has form with Egerton via Eddie The Eagle) and the fact that he came onboard and all but rescued Bohemian Rhapsody a few months back - and things are looking good. Plus, Elton and David apparently want to go the warts and all route - and by "warts" we mean "insane amounts of coke, sex and tantrums" - (something that BoRap allegedly sidesteps) and this is looking better and better. Here's the first taste - 

Rocketman takes flight May 17


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