Posted Aug 01 2018

Dwayne The Rock Channels His Inner Bogie

Having just started filming their adaptation of a Disney theme park ride – Jungle Cruise, that is – Emily Blunt and Dwayne the Cock – sorry, “Rock” – have taken some time out not just to announce their movie – but to explain its influences to us. So we now know they’re very clearly going for an African Queen meets Romancing The Stone vibe. Good of them to spell it out to us well over a year before the film is due rather than let us watch it and discover what it is for ourselves.

Well, the ride was apparently inspired by The African Queen and Dwayne is wearing what looks like Humphrey Bogart’s old costume, so we shouldn’t be too surprised. Which makes Blunt Katherine Hepburn – let’s hope that terrible “Kathleen” gag isn’t reflective of the rest of the script.

Oh well, guess this is what passes for “chemistry” these days.

Jungle Cruise sets sail from October 11 next year.


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