Posted Feb 21 2018

Chastain is It!

Having become the highest grossing horror film of all time is a good bargaining chip when you’re casting around for a sequel. As the second half of this clownish Stephen King epic features our former childhood heroes all growed up – and once again facing up to the nightmares of Pennywise – expect big names to replace those unknown youngsters in the second half of It. Jessica Chastain has been on the wish list for some time now (she previously worked with director Andy Muschietti on Mama) to play the adult Beverly (the only girl of the original team) and is now in negotiations to come aboard. If she does, who will follow?

The movie is scheduled to open September 2019 – so, come on, it’s time to get serious now. Enough of this “Chapter 2” bollocks - they have to call it “IT: You’ll Float 2” or we suggest everyone boycotts.


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