Posted Feb 22 2018

Whitaker & Bana In Powerful Tutu-hander

Roland Joffe’s The Forgiven, with Forest Whitaker as Archbishop Donald Tutu and Eric Bana as a racist South African killer, has a new trailer.

We caught it at the LFF last year. This is what we had to say then -

"Roland Joffe returns to something at least approaching top form in this South African drama, set around the figure of Archbishop Desmond Tutu and his work with the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in the still-tumultuous days following the election of Mandela and the end of Apartheid. In particular it focuses on Tutu’s meetings with convicted murderer, and fully paid up bigot, Piet Blomfeld, essayed with a jarringly cold chill by Bana.

What follows is somewhere between a battle of wills as much as it becomes a meeting of minds, with neither man conceding their own version of the moral/immoral high ground, but each coming to find themselves subtly changed by their interaction.

But it’s a slow painful road to their own form of reconciliation. Adapted by screenwriter Michael Ashton from his play, The Archbishop and the Antichrist, Joffe finds ways to open the piece up so it feels less stagey than it could, especially when he moves around the prison, ably capturing an environment that feels like it is on the edge of collapse in light of the recent changes in the outside world, one in which tensions are within races as much as they are across them.

But it is in the powerful two-hander moments where the movie really comes to life (and where again, Joffe manages to keeps things cinematic). Whitaker captures the heart of Tutu very effectively, but it is Bana, at his very best here, who dominates both the events and the screen they unfold on."


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